YASAD ( Software Industrialists Association) is a non-profit organization representing the software producing companies in Turkey. Founded in 1992, today represents more than 400 software producing companies all over Turkey and has a large coverage in high-tech sector through alliances and partnerships. The main purpose of YASAD is to expand the Turkish software market by improving the use of domestic software and increasing software exports and employment.

As an umbrella organization with a wide participation and influence with other industry associations and as a key decision maker, YASAD leads the determination and updating of our country's national targets, policies and priorities in the field of software and information technologies, with its government institutions network, as well as providing communication between sector stakeholders.

In country, YASAD promotes local software products and companies in various platforms in order to increase the usage of national software amongst private and governmental organizations. The ultimate target of YASAD is to develop a self-sufficient country in terms of software production. To achieve that, YASAD contributes to improve organization, quality, competitiveness and brand knowledge of its members towards creating clusters, work groups, campaigns publications, seminars and various activities.
Among its members, there are numerous well-known software companies that with have high employment rates, as well as many software companies with high international growth potential. YASAD has a role of serving as a communication hub between governmental institutions and software sector for the development of better legal constitution for software SMEs, Technology Development Zones and Research & Development zones where most of the software companies are located. As a communication and coordination center between software industry and governmental institutions, public institutions, NGOs, universities, chambers of commerce and all other industrial sectors, YASAD develops projects to increase sectoral productivity and resolve sectoral challenges.

Founded in Istanbul, members of YASAD have spread all Turkey over the years.