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Company Offical: Caner Umutlu / Marketing Manager

Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Davutpaşa Kampüsü Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgesi B2 Blok No:301 Esenler, İstanbul

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Having developed technological products and brands since 1996, Senkron Tech stands out as a "Digital Solution Partner" for its customers to whom it offers added value. Among Senkron Tech's brands are FLYBY, a wellness management software used by more than 400 facilities worldwide, Senyonet, a site and facility management system in Turkey, Senkron, an ERP, CRM, and HR software company that increases the efficiency of institutions, and Kargopark, a cargo storage solution for smart cabinets. FLYBY is a wellness management software that offers solutions for Training Studios, Fitness Centers, Aqua Parks, Golf Courses, Gyms, and Spas. FLYBY's money-saving towel tracking system, FLYBY Tracker, was specially developed for businesses such as fitness, hotels, thermal facilities, and aquaparks. FLYBY Tracker is also used for uniform tracking in hospitals. In hotels, FLYBY POS offers unique convenience by integrating with the mobile applications used by waiters and kitchen monitors. "Single-centered management" is the core philosophy of Senyonet, which provides top-notch monitoring and integration processes to multi-housing and site management operations. Senyonet, which regularly develops and strengthens its infrastructure with a professional and experienced team in its field, offers practical, safe, and high-user experience solutions to facility management needs. In Turkey, Kargopark is the first smart locker manufacturer that has changed the game in the delivery system. With the mission of "Your package is always here!" Kargopark aims to create a free world for delivery and e-commerce companies, end users, and all stakeholders in the delivery ecosystem. By prioritizing automation and digitalization in business processes, Senkron offers solutions that will help you maximize the value of your valuable resources. Senkron's ERP, HR, and CRM software is used successfully in hotels, facility management companies, and cable production companies.