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14 Years


Company Offical: İlter Ferah / Sales and Business Development Director

Yeniköy Merkez Mh. Vatan Cd. KOU Teknopark No: 83/A-6 41275 Başiskele, Kocaeli

+90 262 341 43 14

gergun@bimser.com.tr - info@bimser.com.tr

Bimser; It has been a software producer company based in Turkey for more than 20 years. In addition to around 3000 projects in Turkey, it has successfully implemented its products and solutions in more than 30 countries from South America to the Far East, from Europe to North America. It continues to produce products and services for its customers with approximately 200 employees and 5 offices, 3 in Turkey, 1 in the Netherlands, and 1 in New York.

Bimser’s corporate values; From the perspective of the customers, perceiving their demands and needs completely, producing the complete and desired solution, bringing our customer’s goals and our own goals together in parallel, and; is share suggestions and ideas that will create added value. From the perspective of our stakeholders, to work together to create value for our customers by mutual respect and business ethics. Bimser; along with teammates, has volunteered in community projects, would support each other, share our knowledgeaccumulation of new ideas and reflect our work.

Bimser has focused on Client-Server applications, Main-Frames, Web applications, and also now Cloud solutions; With these changing and developing technologies, it has reduced its followup distance to zero and presented its know-how and vision to its customers.

In recent years, it carries the products and solutions it has produced with all its experience in Cloud Architecture. With this migration process, it is to provide uninterrupted, accessible, high-performance, low-cost Cloud Solutions to its customers. In this context, Synergy has brought its Content Services Platform to the market (Synergy CSP) and continues to prepare its other solutions, QDMS Integrated Management System, Ensemble Process and Performance Management, and BEAM Asset Management System for the future with ‘on premise’ options on the Synergy platform