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Barbaros Mah. Begonya Sk. No: 1 İç Kapı No: 2 Ataşehir - İstanbul

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BTS BILISIM, founded in Istanbul in 2011, is an IT organization that offers its experience and expertise in different industries in the field of information technologies, to the service of local and international customers. BTS Bilişim provides services to an increasing number of domestic and international customers in business and quality processes, especially in the fields of human, veterinary and agricultural medicines, pharmaceutical logistics and sub-ındustry, animal feed, cosmetics, food, etc., with its QMex software, completely produced by Turkish developers. QMex Saas and QMex Workflow versions, produced within the framework of the changing needs and resource compatibility of the software, are used by more than 20000 professionals of more than 200 distinguished companies in Turkey and around the globe. BTS Bilişim is happy to receive personal feedback from the representatives of this professional community on the efficiency, information and process security and all other advantages provided by the software at its 10th Anniversary event held in December 2021. BTS Bilişim has exported its software to eight countries, including the software giant India, and became a member of the Software Industrialists Association (YASAD) at the beginning of 2022.


QMex Electronic Quality Management System

QMex Workflow e-Business Applications

QMex Workflow Banking Applications

INDUSTRIES SERVED: Pharmaceuticals, Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food Supplements, Animal Feed Manufacturers and Suppliers, Animal Feed, Food, Banking