General Manager


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3 Years


Company Offical: Altuğ Demirden / CEO Office Director

Maslak Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:249 34485 Sarıyer/İstanbul

+90 212 800 02 00 -

Established with a vision to create value in the field of information technology, Doğuş Teknoloji is among Turkey's leading R&D centers. Providing services in various areas, including cybersecurity, infrastructure services, consultancy, and software products, to over 10 leading companies in more than ten sectors, the company contributes to its customers' technological transformations. In addition to Turkey, Doğuş Teknoloji also develops technology for global markets, attracting attention with its corporate solutions in areas such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), data analytics and forecasting, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Generative AI, mobile and web applications, ERP, and CRM, with the strength and support of 24 different global business partners. 

Among the products and solutions offered by Doğuş Teknoloji are data solutions, consultancy, technology operations, RPA, hybrid cloud platform, automation, blockchain, smart glass, IoT applications, UI/UX services, and other modern information technology activities. The brand offers pioneering technologies to its customers with its wide range of services. It also holds a unique position as the sole partner in the regions where it provides services, especially in the field of cybersecurity. Doğuş Teknoloji, within the scope of its technology expertise, places a strong emphasis on product development by evaluating innovative ideas from its employees and bringing these ideas to the industry. With its competent team that closely monitors new technologies, the company, with a culture based on trust, stands among the leading brands in the information technology sector in Turkey.

SERVICES: Data Solutions, Software Development Projects, Information Security and Cyber Security Services, Operations and Infrastructure Services, Customer Care Center, Partnership Management and Automation