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Etgi Grup Bilişim Teknolojileri

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2 Years


Company Offical: İnanç Bingül / Administrative Affairs

Üniversiteler Mah. 1596 Cad. Hacettepe Teknokent 4.Arge Binası A Blk No:95-A/21 06800 Beytepe / Çankaya / Ankara

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Vedubox was established in 2013 as an R&D project in Hacettepe Teknokent in Ankara under the umbrella of ETGI Group. It offers ready-to-use online training, online meeting and event management features as well as analysis, certification and e-commerce features under one roof. As a cloud-based and “white-label” SaaS, Vedubox allows companies, institutions and private teachers to provide online training and maintain their online communication through a single platform. In the customizable system, it strengthens the online education experience with online live lessons, online tests and exams, video conferencing and content management features. More than 350 companies, government agencies, associations, foundations and educational institutions around the world use Vedubox as an integrated communication and learning management system. Vedubox offers an integrated learning management platform for more than 300,000 users worldwide, with a communication and learning management system integrated with Zoom, Google, Amazon and Microsoft products.


Training Management,

Content Management,

Online Test and Exam,

Reporting and Analysis,

Video conference, Webinar and Live Lesson,

Replay and Library,

Gamification and Learning Path,

Rich Communication Tools,

Sales Portal and E-Commerce

VR/AR and Metaverse

INDUSTRIED SERVED: Education, Tourism, Corporate, NGO, Franchising, Sales and Marketing, Online Congress and Seminar, Aviation