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30 Years


Company Offical: Kader Kahriman / Communication and Organization Manager

Üniversiteler Mah. İhsan Doğramacı Bulvarı No:33 Halıcı Yazılımevi 06800 ODTÜ/Teknokent Ankara

+90 312 210 00 20

kader@halici.com.tr - iletisim@halici.com.tr

Established in 1985, HALICI Bilgi İslem A.Ş. is one of the leading establishments in the field of informatics and software, and develops hardware and software for a range of public and private sector projects as well as individual use. Combining its accumulation of knowledge and experience from many years with its leadership in technology and innovation, Halici has made significant contributions to the development of the software sector in our country.

Launching the first Teknopark attempt in Turkey, Halici opened the METU-Halici Software House in 2001 and played a leading role in the creation of Technology Development Areas. Halici Educational Software holds a significant place in bringing education in contact with technology as well as technology being used more efficiently in education. Educational software developed by Halici was chosen by the Ministry of National Education’s Basic Education Support Project supported by the World Bank and brought into the use of students. With its efforts for “Multimedia” technology to develop in our country and especially for its extensive use in the field of education and games, HALICI has put into practice many successful projects in recent years including the field of “Interactive Education and Intelligent Games Software”. Brainquire Cognitive Skills and Mental Development Platform is a mobile application consisting of 24 gamified mental exercises under 6 categories (Verbal, Quantitative, Visual, Logic, Memory and Attention) that aim to evaluate and improve cognitive skills and mental abilities. The Brainquire Project was developed at METU-Halıcı Software House by scientists, engineers and academics working in the fields of Psychology, Artificial Intelligence, Special Education, Psychological Counseling and Guidance, Testing and Evaluation and Software as well as contenders who have demonstrated success at mind games competitions.

GriCeviz Vocational Module designed for vocational guidance for students between the ages of 15-18. The module is developed based on John Holland’s Theory by academics.

Besides its innovative and successful projects, Halıcı has been known for its contributions to culture and art for years. TBD-Halıcı Composition Competition is the longest-running annual music competition in Turkey created and valuable environment for cooperation and interaction for thousands of amateurs and professional musicians for 28 years