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4 Years


Company Offical: Sevilay Özdemir Güven / Founding Partner

Osmanağa Mah. Bestekar Dilhayat Sok. Ekşioğlu İş Merkezi No:3/77 Kadıköy/İstanbul

+90 216 338 54 88

IT&L Consulting is founded in 2016 in order to to provide independent consultancy services on operational excellence, software process development, digitalization, growth strategy development and re-organization in the logistics and production sectors. As it is well-known , the cost of consultancy services provided by large multinational companies can be quite high in a way to avoid our SMEs to afford. IT&L gathers as consultants executives from related sectors who has at least 25 years or more of work experience, and offers “grounded” and “affordable” consultancy services that companies can benefit without difficulty. IT&L consultants provide services which enters international standards & frameworks like ISACA COBIT, ISO 27001, ISO9001

IT&L Consultancy Services may be diversifies according the needs of our customer, nevertheless the main work areas is to provide assessment studies on existing information & production systems, determine improvement points and drive the company towards operational excellence. Application Portfolio Analysis, Process Enhancements, IS Tender Consultancy are also other areas of studies realized for industrial companies. Besides this we also provide services & studies for domestic and foreign market analyzes, localization studies for software products, consultancy on new software and systems to be developed.

IT&L Consulting aims to contribute to local companies ‘ development by increasing their efficiency and technology maturity in information systems, production and logistics triangle. Today, no industrial organization can sustain his competitiveness in the global arena without digitizing its production and operation. It is no longer possible to meet the global speed and quality criteria required for competitiveness without digitalization. Establishing information systems and keeping them operational is possible by increasing of information maturity of our industrial organizations. IT&L supports companies in a wide variety of areas, from choosing software to how they manage operational systems.

SERVICES : Operational Excellence Assessments, Process Development Consultancy, Localization, Domestic&-Foreign Market Research, Company Growth/Merger Strategy Consultancy, Tender Consultancy

SECTORS : Informatics, Logistics, Industrial Production