Head of Strategy and Business Development


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9 Years


Company Offical: Levent Sılay / Head of Strategy and Business Development

Kısıklı Mah. Alemdağ Yanyolu Cad. Kasran Plaza No 24 Üsküdar İstanbul

+90 216 461 94 94

bilgi@login.com.tr - l.silay@login.com.tr

As one of Turkey’s first domestic ERP providers, Login Software develops tools that enable businesses in Turkey digitally manage their business processes powered by the expertise and achievements the firm has gained since its establishment in 1989.

Login Software developing and providing its own technologies in order to surpass the limits set by others is considering this as one of the most important steps to empower the Turkish Industry. The company is emphasizing this vision and pushing its efforts even further by being a member of the board at Software Manufacturers Association (YASAD).

Login Software’s main focus is on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), which the company considers as the backbone of companies. The company believes It is essential for the organization to have a strong, comprehensive and robust ERP system so that all future investment in the digitalization and process design will not be baseless.. Login Software has been keeping its service quality at the highest level for 32 years since its establishment. The firm is offering high quality service directly with its selected and trained team at the headquarters. The business model of the company starts with a definition of the customer’s needs at the initial phase through meetings and discussions collectively.

Login Software gives the definition for creating a digital company as not only managing the business in a digital environment, but also training digital managers. The firm’s most significant motto for the future is putting the emphasis on training digital managers and creating strong human resources for the digital transformation of Turke