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30 Years


Company Offical: Nilüfer Hiçyılmaz / Corporate Relations Manager

Maslak Mah. OAS 55. Sok. 42 Maslak No:2 Ofis:3 Blok D:11-12-13, 34396 Sarıyer/İstanbul

0850 225 1010

nilufer.hicyilmaz@mikro.com.tr / info@mikro.com.tr

With more than 36 years of experience, Mikrogrup provides end-to-end accounting and commercial software programs and e-transformation services for SMEs of different scales, micro-enterprises, and financial advisors serving these businesses, whether they are entrepreneurs who have started their business life for the first time or a business with years of experience. With an expert team of more than 500 people and more than 400 business partners spread throughout the country, it has more than 150 thousand active customers who develop solutions that enable them to manage their finances and business. The purpose of the Mikrogrup is to provide a new platform for SMEs and micro business owners to manage their business and financials by allowing them to use "large company" software and services with "small company" budgets and break new ground. In August 2023, it continued its journey even stronger with the strategic partnership it signed with TeamSystem, Italy's leading software company.

End-to-end solutions and services

The Mikro and Zirve product groups respond to the needs of businesses with widespread business partners throughout the country and maintain their position in the market for many years with a widespread number of users and high-level customer support. The primary goal is to provide innovative, flexible, modular solutions to SMEs and businesses that want to grow and add value to their business. One of the most important factors differentiating Mikrogrup is that its customers can access the solutions they need as they grow their business over the years when needed. Another product, Paraşüt, is Turkey's first cloud-based software in pre-accounting. With Paraşüt, SMEs can access their financial data by logging in from any device, anywhere with internet access. The financial data entered is stored in the cloud and backed up regularly. Jump, which is a comprehensive product within the Mikro Yazılım product family where SMEs can manage their business processes end-to-end, has been moved to the cloud infrastructure and offered to customers under the name of "Jump Cloud"; It offers the opportunity to manage and follow their businesses with remote access from any environment with internet. In addition to containing rich Jump functions, Jump Cloud is a product that does not require installation, can always be in the up-to-date version, and stands out with its secure backup and expert live support service. Mikrogrup; is one of Turkey's first certified e-transformation private integrators; with its turnkey approach, it offers its customers an effortless integration service that covers all e-transformation components. In this context, with its free turnkey e-invoice service, end-to-end; the entire process, from financial seal application to activation, from training to the implementation of the system, is carried out by expert e-invoice consultants. With this service, customers can switch to e-invoice within one business day.