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16 Years


Company Offical: Tarık Soysal / Brand and Corporate Communications Senior Manager

Yenişehir Mahallesi, Osmanlı Bulvarı No:11 Esas Aeropark Binası Kurtköy / Pendik / İstanbul

+90 216 522 20 00

Turkey’s pioneer system integrator with its long-established R&D, Netaş has been playing an active role in digital transformation by realizing projects on a global scale for 54 years with its passion for R&D. Setting out in 1967 to establish the country’s communication infrastructure with domestic facilities, Netaş works today with the vision of being the pioneer innovation and digital transformation company in Turkey and its region. Being one of the founding companies of the R&D ecosystem in Turkey by establishing the first private telecom R&D and exporting the first software, it focuses on new generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, VoIP, data analytics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and multimedia with hundreds of engineers. Netaş has been chosen as Turkey’s leading system integrator many times and it produces exemplary projects with 120 domestic and foreign business partners in many different sectors such as finance, entertainment, defense, transportation, public health, education, energy, and establishes the smart communication and technology infrastructure of the country and its region. It provides services even in different geographies with its IT support services company experienced in all kinds of field conditions. It works on 5G and beyond technologies with its main shareholder ZTE which is the world leader in 5G patent numbers as well as its experience in communication technologies and its competence in domestic 4.5G development. In addition, it undertakes important roles, including leadership, in the consortium of many 5G-based projects from media to health, agriculture to energy in EU R&D programs. With the mission of contributing to the country’s economy through localization, Netaş has started to bring ZTE’s technologies, including the server, to Turkey. In addition, as a strategic partner of telecom operators, it is constantly increasing its share in the field of new generation telecommunication technologies such as IPTV and Wifi6. Opening all its knowledge to its ecosystem with the high-tech training center n-telligent institute, Netaş also aims to be a business partner in the training of human resources of companies in differentverticals. With the n-telligent institute, designed to respond quickly to the needs of digitalization, it provides companies with a life-long learning opportunity to integrate their workforce with developments in technology.