General Manager, Founding Partner


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1 Years


Company Offical: Deniz Bilgütay / Deputy General Manager, Founding Partner

YTÜ İkitelli Teknopark No.1 D.1 B05-06 34490 Başakşehir/İstanbul

+90 212 245 1515

Nevalabs® is a high technology company that develops innovative, quality-oriented and human-centric AI solutions in order to contribute to humanity and modern society. Through its deep learning-based face, identity document and object/scene recognition solutions, Nevalabs contributes to safe cities, makes applications smarter, provides easy access to needed information and gives priority to the privacy of personal data.


Corvo® Identify face recognition, appearance search and alarm management system provides the highest accuracy rate through the use of deep learning-based technology. It identifies persons of interest, criminals, missing persons and VIPs from cameras, videos and photos. Corvo Identify is a highly scalable solution developed for mission-critical and large-scale systems within the scope of safe city projects.

Corvo® Verify is a software solution (API) that smoothly integrates into digital onboarding, electronic know your customer (eKYC), identity verification and fraud prevention applications. It includes face verification, liveness detection, face identification, blacklist detection and ID document recognition capabilities. It is available as a private cloud and an on-premises solution.

Corvo® Access is a face recognition software (API) that can be integrated into access control systems. It supports both single-factor and two-factor authentication. It can be used to increase the security level of an access control system or to make systems touchless. It prevents security breaches by preventing the use of stolen and lost cards in areas such as data centers, business centers and public buildings.

Uggla® is face recognition, face analysis (gender, age range and emotion detections) and object/scene classification software (API). It is developed for automatic album generation, smart photo recommendation and target-oriented marketing applications.

INDUSTRIES SERVED: Security, Defense, Public, Banking, Finance, Telecommunication, Transportation, Sports, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, Marketing, Retail, Media