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16 Years

GGSoft Yazılım Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Company Offical: Tolga Eşiz / Sales Director

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Since 1998, our Low Code PaperWork platform has been continuously developed to manage and optimize processes. In the digital transformation process, tasks such as redesigning processes in a digital environment, measuring them, and automating them are accomplished using BPM technologies. This increases the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of processes while reducing costs. Additionally, BPM makes processes more flexible, allowing for quicker responses to customer needs. The future of companies is secured on this powerful digital infrastructure. In the modern world, with the rapid application development technology of Low Code, reducing coding and deploying process-based applications quickly has become very easy with the PaperWork platform. Graphic interface design tools, ready-made integration modules, and wizards form the foundation of the Low Code architecture. PaperWork utilizes a variety of different technologies while automating business and IT processes. It facilitates communication between processes and applications, assigns tasks to both humans and virtual robots and applications. By incorporating actions from other applications into processes, it creates end-to-end seamless workflows. The PaperWork platform, enhanced with integrated architecture and artificial intelligence, consists of process management, document management, business intelligence, and API layers. It seamlessly integrates with ERP and RPA systems, consolidating tasks from MES/IOT systems that control operational processes and production lines. It accelerates these processes while providing end-to-end traceability and control. Low Code parametric infrastructure reduces the need for writing code. Optionally, organizations can design their own processes themselves. You can also manage documents on PaperWork for more efficient work alongside processes.

PaperWork is a complete digital transformation expert with advanced workflow engine and document management features. Through plug-and-play integrations, it easily retrieves information from various applications such as SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, MS Dynamics AX, NAV, includes them in processes, collects and manages documents, and tracks KPIs and SLAs in real-time. It makes change an integral part of company culture. Whether you are aware of it or not, digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate worldwide. Digital transformation is now more of a necessity than a choice. It is necessary to quickly digitize your core processes; otherwise, falling behind in competition is inevitable. PaperWork tracks processes, observes workload on individuals, identifies problem areas, and ensures their improvement. It allows you access to information, evaluation, and timely action-taking. Transparently tracked processes in the digital environment increase revenue, provide a competitive advantage, reduce risks, and encourage customer-focused transformation. Your employees can always be part of the process whether they are in the office or not, through our web or local mobile applications. It ensures that operational units operate with accurate and up-to-date content. It helps you monitor process performance with KPI and SLA measurements. PaperWork allows you to centrally manage operations such as document access, editing, and sharing within a system. It eliminates workforce and time loss in environments with millions of paper and electronic documents. The advanced search engine provides quick access to documents when needed. Version control enables working on current documents and tracking and security functions protect and securely share your content. It's impossible to talk about productivity without a central document management system. Documents are directed to workflow steps when needed, and you can quickly access the required documents during the process, reducing the possibility of making wrong decisions.


• PaperWork BPM Process Management

• PaperWork ECM Document Management

• PerforMax: Supplier Relationship Management

• Intelligent Document Processing, Intelivus (IDP)

• ISDD Data and Document Masking

• Knowledge Manager

• PaperWork AI

• PaperWork Analytics: Business Intelligence

• PaperWork Global Content Server

• PaperWork Software Developmen Kit (API)

• PaperWork SAP ECM: SAP içinde çalışan doküman yönetimi

• PaperWork Outlook Workflow Integration Plugin

• PaperWork Mobile

• PaperWork Query Insight