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2 Years


Company Offical: Mete Varolgüneş / Administrative Affairs Manger

Mustafa Kemal Mah. Şehit Öğretmen Şenay Aybüke Yalçın Cad. No: 13/A Çankaya/Ankara

+90 312 286 94 87

ULAK Communications has the goal to provide communication in a sustainable end-to-end safe way by using local and national resources, which is an important and indispensable part of actual era. With its innovative, dynamic and R&D-based solutions ULAK Communications aim to gain the status of a global company. ULAK Communications believes that they are taking confident steps on this path. The company attaches a particular importance to the national resources and continue its work by taking advantage in terms of software and hardware. In addition to the base station for mobile networks, ULAK Communications also offers solutions such as SDN-based wide area network SD-WAN (software wide area network), software-defined data center SD-DC (software data center) as well as software-defined security (SD-Security) to corporate customers. These products have been tested and are actively working in many organizations’ infrastructure in Turkey. While using the knowledge and experience it gained from the studies that started four years ago in order to become Turkey’s national communication power on the road to 5G and beyond, ULAK Communications continues to work seamlessly to move its ecosystem forward; in order to develop and strengthen it with the advancing technology. The importance of the support of its founder, the Presidency of Defense Industries is considered essential on this way. ULAK Communications has reached every corner of Turkey and provided services to millions of its citizens in such a short period of 4 years and the company considers this as just a preview of the upcoming successes it will achieve in the future. The company carries the goal of not only being the communication power of Turkey but also to become one of the leading companies in the telecommunication and technology industry worldwide. ULAK Communications’ main goal is to make Turkey a country of technology development and not just a consumer of 5G; and last but not least its next goal is to create an innovative and dynamic ecosystem that guides this technology on a global scale