Merthan Kaleli
General Manager


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Membersip Date :

16 Year


Company Offical: SİNEM ÖZER / Corporate Communications Specialist

Anadolu Cad. Şemikler mh. 687/A Karşıyaka İzmir

+90 232 445 94 70 -

Univera is a software company offering digital transformation solutions and services in sales, service and logistics. It has an on-site R&D center and focuses on constantly increasing solutions and service quality it offers by following new generation technologies. Regardless of industry, Univera provides services at an international level with its domestic and foreign business partners. Its proprietary Panorama platform that caters to many different industries enables business processes to be carried out quickly and with minimum error in many areas such as “Omni-Channel Sales Management”, “Mobile Team Management”, “Warehouse and Production Management”, “Field Data Collection”, and “Supply Management”. Univera is a company that has proven its success in providing solutions internationally. It has been among the bests of the world for 5 years in the POI Retail Execution report published by the Promotion Optimization Institute, which is an independent consultancy company operating in many countries of the world. Today, Univera has more than 160 ongoing projects in different industries. The company operating with more than 180 employees in software, hardware and professional services as its main line of business; responds to various project requirements from A to Z. Univera, which will turn 30 years old in the industry in 2022, is preparing to celebrate its new age with the innovations it has implemented for the 8th version of the Panorama platform which is called Panorama8 (P8). P8 has many innovations in terms of technique and service, and with it, Univera aims to strengthen its guidance in its digital transformation journey by offering its customers the advantages of modern and latest technologies.