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Company Offical: Fatih Sarı / Genel Müdür

YTÜ TeknoPark Çifte Havuzlar Mah. Eski Londra Asfaltı Cad. Kuluçka Mrk. D2 Blok 151/1f 1b11 Esenler/İstanbul

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Veriskop is an R&D company which was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of i2i Systems; focusing on the development of reliable, flexible, and low cost value-added software products for information security. Veriskop serves in three technology development centers in Istanbul with over ninety engineers. The primary goal of Veriskop, is to develop high-end information security products that can address its client’s needs and respond to the policies set by the regulatory bodies. In line with this purpose and goal, Veriskop continues to expand its product portfolio, as well as constantly improving its existing products, in order to keep up with ever changing market requirements. Regardless of the format, structure and the source, customer data gathered during the subscription process actually belong to the customers not the companies that store them. Therefore, companies not only have to secure this data but also have to transform the data and set appropriate procedures before using it internally.


SDD-Sensitive Data Discovery: Fast and accurate Sensitive Data Discovery and masking solution on structured (i.e. database systems), non-structured (i.e. email and file servers), and personal computers (disk and clipboard). SDD can discover and mask sensitive data image files, office documents, PDF files, zip files, text files, etc.

CopyCatLive: Dynamic Data Masking that centralizes data security. CopyCat Live provides masking and hiding the results of the queries made by the users on the databases according to their roles and privilidges.

DDA -Dynamic Data Access: First and unique IDM and dynamic data masking software that can be used with almost all databases in the market. DDA performs user authentication and authorization on top of database and dynamically masks the query results based on user profile.

CopyCat: Static data masking and test data management solution that enables test data Management (data sampling and transfer), synthetic data generation, data management (archiving, deleting, masking and encryption), cross platform data transfer (Oracle SQL Server).

Caplan: Database user activity monitoring, auditing and logging solution that logs these activities into elastic search in real-time. Alerts, alarm and notification mechanisms allow admins to check user activity instantly.