Turkiye Software Industry Catalogue, aims to reveal the power of Turkish software industry in a comprehensive way as the first and only catalogue of the industry.

YASAD Turkiye Software Industry Catalogue prepared bilingual both in English and Turkish languages. The catalogue published as print and online as well. Both publications are linked to each other with QR codes. The catalog can be accessed online at

The 7 Founding Members of YASAD - Logo, Likom, Link, Eta, Mega, Halıcı and Mikro - are indicated with the “Founding Member Badge” in the catalogue.

Although the staff number of a company in the software industry cannot always fully express the size and strength of the company, we have included YASAD Member classes in our catalog to inform our readers about the structure of our members. The following classification contained within the tags of YASAD Member companies:

  • A Class: number of employees > 250 people
  • B Class: number of employees 50-249 people
  • C Class: number of employees 10-49 people
  • D Class: number of employees 1-9 people

Our companies in all verticals of the sector are exhibited in 20 main categories according to the product and service group they offer, within the framework of a hierarchy. Categories have been created according to the fields of activity and products of our member companies. Software companies listed in related main categories colored and located as in the below color scheme and page range. At the end of the catalogue, the alphabetical order of the companies is also included.

Large Enterprise 40 - 48
ERP & PLM 49 - 70
Core Business Applications 71 - 81
Workflow & Document Management 82 - 85
Warehouse Management & Tracability 86
Geopraphical Information Systems 92 - 94
Digitialisation Tools 95 - 100
Collaboration & Videoconferencing Systems 101
Telecommunication Software 102 - 106
Business Intelligence & Analytics 107 - 108
Smart City Software 109 - 111
e-Government Software 112 - 113
Platform Software 114
Education & E-Learning Software 115 - 116
Gaming & Entertainement 117
Critical / Emerging Technologies 118 - 132
Critical/Emerging Technologies 133 - 135
IT Services Software 136 - 139