While embracing our 30th year as the Software Industrialists Association, we are happy to contribute our country’s national goals and priorities in the field of software and information technologies by working hand in hand with our members and cooperation institutions towards higher technology and value creation. Beginning from our foundation till today, our mission has and always been to serve the globalization of our software industry by supporting innovation, creativity and competitiveness. We have joyfully witnessed so far as the seeds we have planted years ago flourish in private and public sectors. We’re proud to say the software is a strategic sector that serves to increase competitiveness in all other sectors and we are ready to take a big leap in coming years.

Our association operates as a communication and coordination center between governmental institutions & public institutions, NGOs, universities, chambers of commerce & industry, all industry representatives and our software industry. While conveying the needs of our industry to our public institutions and organizations, on the other hand, it supports our software industry and our member companies in the direction of international brand development, and carries out studies to increase the competitiveness of Turkish software at home and abroad with wide participation training and promotion activities. Besides that, YASAD surveys the sector and build futuristic projects to satisfy future needs of our sector. In 2021, YASAD built a large project for employment needs in our sector by lowering down programming education to technical high schools, The fact that the software industry is largely based on human resources, creativity and technological competence makes it one of the biggest candidates for realizing the leap that our country has wanted for many years.

2021 was a year in which our state institutions emphasized the strategic importance and value of the software industry, thus serious steps were taken to pave the way for improved support. We have witnessed with great joy the establishment of General Directorate of National Technologies within the Ministry of Industry and Technology, and the General Directorate of International Service Trade
within the Ministry of Trade. On the other hand, inauguration of Service Exporters’ Association as a separate General Secretariat (formerly a subsidiary of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Associations), is a very important step for our industry. These developments have increased our belief that the Software Exporters’ Association, which we have dreamed of for many years, can be established in the near future. As the Software Industrialists Association, we have always attached great importance to our regulatory efforts to determine the strategic roadmap of our sector and to update the funds & grants mechanisms for software sector. We believe that our industry will make the leap for which it has been prepared since many years already, through the new funds & grants packages; fruit of our joint work with above institutions. Again in 2021, we will continue to provide information on regulatory changes, new funds & grants systems to our members and eco-systems. Another important development on 2021 was that YASAD received a generous invitation from Ministry of Trade, to move our association’s offices to İstanbul Specialized Free Zone after it’s nomination as the Turkiye’s first specialized free zone reserved to software industrialists. YASAD will voluntarily contribute to Free Zone incentives for software companies and we will soon start to launch training and development programs to serve the sector with our KOBIGMER-SME Development and Entrepreneurship Center. KOBIGMER’s mission is to guide mature software SMEs towards globalization, exportation and institutionalization with an intensive 18 months program which will be put into practice this year.

In our 30th year, we are very happy to have created the Turkiye Software Industry Catalogue, which has been the dream of our association for many years. Our catalog, which is prepared in Turkish and English in order to be useful to promote our members in Turkey and abroad, will be a reference source for our members embarking on a journey towards global branding, while revealing the multidisciplinary power of our industry. We certainly believe that our catalog, which we also have prepared as an online website, will become a growing reference point for our sector

Our vision for the Turkiye Software Industry Catalogue is to reflect the depth of our sector growing continuously for 50 years in this country and display the diversity of our member companies’ wide range of products and services. We wanted this catalogue to be a tool for procurement, thus we have extended it with detailed metadata rather than a simple list of companies and addresses. First time in our industry, a catalog is presented with advanced metadata such as member class, longevity, membership duration, products and sectors served together with communication & sales responsibles. In addition, we wanted to show with our advanced category structure how widespread the Turkish software industry is, and that we have software products and companies in almost every field sought. Our catalog, which has attracted great interest from public institutions before it was published, has already been included in the plans to be used as a pride table in foreign delegations and fairs. The online version of our catalog ( is already reaching high access numbers.

We are very pleased that our association has reached the targeted professionalism and effectiveness as a highly effective umbrella organization in its 30th year, through support we receive from our members, we are expanding our staff and communication networks in order to play an even more active role in the software industry in the coming years. We see that software is now a matter of existence in our world, and we continue our work with great enthusiasm, being aware that the progress in the software industry will affect our entire country. May the future belong to our youth.